Bay Area Ridge Trail: 30-month update

stats current 6 months

Once again it is time for a 6-month update on my “project” to hike the Bay Area Ridge Trail. This update covers the period from 16 January 2013 through 16 July 2013. During this 6-month period I hiked more than I have in any other 6-month period since I started to hike the Bay Area Ridge Trail: about 25% of the total dedicated trail mileage.

The stats box above contains a summary of my hike statistics for the 6-month period. Continuing to summarize the hikes by geography, the distribution of hikes was like this:

stats hikes current 6 months

I also like to include a summary of all of my Bay Area Ridge Trail hikes to date. First is a summary of statistics:

stats total to date

And here is the distribution of hikes to date:

stats hikes total to date

An important change has been made in the Bay Area Ridge Trail route: A new “Go North” initiative was incorporated into the plan. This means that, in the coming months and years, new segments will be dedicated along the new alignment. In addition, two segments that had previously been included in the total primary mileage have been converted to the status of connector trails. The connector trail mileage is no longer included in the total primary Ridge Trail mileage. (It’s complicated, though, because I already hiked these two trails during my first 6 months. The totals to date shown here exclude these two trails.)

I continued to hike all over the Bay Area, with hikes in all 5 of the regions including, finally, 3 hikes in San Francisco, where I experienced an amazing sunset at Ft Funston and wonderful views from Twin Peaks. Other highlights included clear-weather hikes near Mt Tamalpais and Mission Peak. I finally hiked the one section of Ridge Trail that I couldn’t do on my own: a docent-led hike on the Fifield-Cahill Trail. And as I complete more segments, of course there are fewer gaps for me to fill in.

Looking forward, with over 80% of the miles hiked I feel like I’m beginning to approach completion. My tracking list has a new section that identifies the segments I haven’t hiked yet. This list is still substantial and includes hikes in all regions. In the next 6 months several new segments will be dedicated, and I look forward to these new trail experiences as time permits. I continue to enjoy my experience hiking the Bay Area Ridge Trail – stay tuned for my next adventures!

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