Bay Area Ridge Trail: 24-month update

stats current 6 months

This is a 6-month update on my “project” to hike the Bay Area Ridge Trail.  My update covers the period from 16 July 2012 through 16 January 2013.  During this 6-month period my hiking was back to normal following my hip fracture.

The stats box at the beginning of this post contains a summary of my hike statistics for the 6-month period.  Continuing to summarize the hikes by geography, the distribution of hikes was like this:

stats hikes current 6 months

I also want to include a summary of all of my Bay Area Ridge Trail hikes to date.  First here is a summary of statistics:

stats total to date

And here is the distribution of hikes to date:

stats hikes total to date

Quite a few of my hikes this time (9 out of 15) were in the North Bay, which is the largest “region” of the Ridge Trail.  As I hike more segments, the continuous – or at least adjacent – sections I’ve hiked are now starting to link up.  Also, during this 6-month period I passed the halfway mark.  It’s challenging to identify favorites when there is so much variety.  And the experience of a given trail can vary throughout the year as well, with different weather and terrain conditions.  In any case I continue to enjoy my experience hiking the Bay Area Ridge Trail – stay tuned for further adventures!

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