Bay Area Ridge Trail update: half-way

stats halfway

I realized recently that I was approaching 50% completion of my “project” to hike the entire Bay Area Ridge Trail and I thought that would make a suitable occasion for an update.  The stats box gives a summary of total numbers.  For total Bay Area Ridge Trail distance I’m using the tracker posted on the web site, though there may be a few updates that are not yet reflected in the tracker.

All of my hikes have been out-and-back day hikes.  I have averaged about 10 miles (5 trail miles), 1400 feet of elevation gain and loss, and almost 23,000 steps per hike.

Here is a geographic summary:

stats hikes halfway

I am not hiking the segments in any particular order, other than whatever suits my fancy when I get ready to plan a hike.  In terms of extremes, I have hiked the most northerly (Hood Mountain Regional Park), southerly (Mt Madonna Co Park), easterly (Coyote Lake – Harvey Bear Ranch County Park), and westerly (Golden Gate National Recreation Area near Samuel P. Taylor SP) segments that are currently part of the trail system.  The lowest elevation was sea level (John Muir Beach at the base of Dias Ridge, Vallejo-Benicia Waterfront) and the highest was about 2960 feet (on El Sombroso in Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve).  I have crossed one of the three bridges.  There have been a few “town” walks among the more numerous country hikes.  Though I haven’t kept track, I think the landmark I’ve seen from the largest number of segments is Mt Diablo.  The variety of habitat and scenery continues to delight me.

I am truly looking forward to continuing my adventures and experiencing the rest of this wonderful trail system that rings the Bay Area.

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4 Responses to Bay Area Ridge Trail update: half-way

  1. Ellen says:

    This is so cool. Last Spring Mary Rebekah (with her school) hiked the Lake Superior Hiking Trail from the City of Duluth boundary to the other. 22 miles total over the course of four days.

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