Bay Area Ridge Trail: 12-month update

stats current 6 months

Once again it’s time for a 6-month update on my “project” to hike the Bay Area Ridge Trail.  This update covers the period from 16 July 2011 through 16 January 2012.  This seemed like an unusual 6-month period, with the first half like a normal summer hiking season and the second half with me in rehab following a hip fracture in late October.  I’ve done just one hike on the Bay Area Ridge Trail following my injury, but hope to do more short hikes soon as my recovery continues to progress.

The stats box at the beginning of this post contains a summary of statistics for the 6-month period.  I thought it would be interesting to continue to summarize the hikes by geography, and the distribution of hikes is like this:

stats hikes current 6 months

I also wanted to include a summary of all of my Bay Area Ridge Trail hikes to date.  First here is a summary of statistics:

stats total to date

And here is the distribution of hikes to date:

stats hikes total to date

Not surprisingly, I hiked about half as much during the past 6 months as during the previous 6 months.  So far I have hiked almost (but not quite) the northernmost and southernmost segments of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.  My hikes have included higher-elevation trails with expansive views, as well as a city walk and a bridge walk.  There is an amazing variety of trails in the system.  I’ve hiked almost a third of the system miles so far – stay tuned for further adventures!

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