Stevens Creek County Park – Tony Look and Loop Trails

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The day of this hike was a major milestone in my recovery and rehab from a broken hip.  First, thanks to my brother-in-law’s sense of humor, there is a new unit of time variously dubbed KKM or KKW, referring to the 10-week-plus-2-day duration of an infamous 2011 celebrity marriage.  In the early days of my rehab, as an encouragement my brother-in-law predicted great things for my walking recovery by the time one KKM/KKW had passed.  Well, it’s been exactly 1 KKM/KKW since the surgery to repair my hip.  And I decided to celebrate by going on a short first-time hike, i.e., on a trail that I hadn’t previously hiked.

As it turns out I have a little guide book of easy local day hikes.  I had gotten the book on an impulse last summer and then discovered that they really are easy hikes, based on my previous baseline.  But in my current situation they are quite appropriate.  The guide describes 17 hikes, further subdivided into easy, moderate, and more challenging categories.  I decided to try one of the easy hikes: a 2.5-mile out-and-back hike on the Tony Look and Loop Trails at Stevens Creek County Park between Cupertino and Saratoga.

GPS track

GPS track

The day was perfect for a hike, with afternoon highs in the low 60’s and nice sunshine.  I wore a long-sleeved T shirt and carried a very light jacket – and was slightly overdressed.  Pretty amazing for early January!  For my current state of rehab I was planning to hike just over an hour.

The beginning of the Stevens Creek Tony Look Trail goes through a pretty forested area with many mature oaks and other trees.

image of pleasant forested area

Pleasant forested area

After just a half mile or so, two trails branch off and the Tony Look Trail continues straight to skirt the Stevens Creek Reservoir.  Currently the water level is several feet lower than at some previous time.  A few trees are growing below the previous high-water line.  I wonder if these trees were actually growing in the reservoir, or whether the water level has been lower for a number of years.

image of a few trees growing below a previous high-water level

A few trees grow below a previous high-water level

Another half mile along the trail the Tony Look Trail turns left while the Loop Trail continues along the reservoir shoreline.  From this section you can look across the reservoir to the dam.

inage of Stevens Creek Reservoir dam

Stevens Creek Reservoir dam

The end of the Loop Trail, aptly, is a small loop.  From here you are looking directly at the boat launch ramp across the reservoir.  Note, however, that only non-motorized boats are permitted.

image of boat launch ramp across Stevens Creek Reservoir

Boat launch ramp across Stevens Creek Reservoir

When I had returned to the Loop Trail – Tony Look Trail junction I did a time-check.  Even though I was taking my time and enjoying the hike, I realized that if I returned directly back to the trailhead I would have almost 20 minutes left in my planned hike duration.  I like to walk as much as my physical therapist recommends, so I continued up the Tony Look Trail for about 10 minutes before returning to the trailhead.  All in all, it was a very pleasant way to celebrate a return to hiking exactly one KKM/KKW after surgery.

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