Training can be fun!

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Sometimes when I’m in the Lake Tahoe area I want to do a training walk – for example, on a paved multi-use trail – rather than a trail hike.  This summer I’ve been training to walk both a half marathon and a full marathon, so this motivates the training walks.  In this instance I decided to try out the section of bike trail which runs south from Tahoe City alongside CA-89 along the West Shore of Lake Tahoe.  It turns out that there is a network of bike / multi-use trails being constructed around Lake Tahoe, called the Lake Tahoe Bikeway.  It’s hard to imagine a more fun and inspiring place to train for an endurance walking event than right along the shore of Lake Tahoe!  On this day I was planning to walk roughly the half marathon distance (13.1 miles), which would be slightly farther than from Tahoe City to Homewood and back.

GPS track

GPS track

It’s worth mentioning a special characteristic of the Lake Tahoe Bikeway and some other bike paths in the area.  On most multi-use trails I’ve used, all users – walkers, runners, bikers, and roller-bladers – use the right lane.  On this trail, however, it is clearly marked for pedestrians to use the left lane, essentially to face oncoming bike traffic.  I mention this because, each time I walk on this trail – on the left – a couple of bikers insist that I’m on the wrong side of the trail.  However, the markings are painted right on the trail near access points and street crossings at least once per mile.

photo of Lake Tahoe bikeway trail etiquette

Lake Tahoe bikeway trail etiquette

I started this walk a little bit outside Tahoe City toward Squaw Valley, since I found a convenient place to park across from the Pfeiffer House Restaurant.  Approaching Tahoe City the bikeway crosses a bridge over the Truckee River where, during the summer months, there are typically many people enjoying a raft ride from Tahoe City to the end of Alpine Meadows Road.

photo of Truckee River rafters

Truckee River rafters

After passing through Tahoe City the bikeway mostly goes right next to CA-89.  About 4 miles south of Tahoe City there is a particularly wonderful section right along the lake shore.

photo of mountain view across Lake Tahoe

Mountain view across Lake Tahoe

It was quite something to experience a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe from the perspective of lake level.

photo of Lake Tahoe with Heavenly in the background

Lake Tahoe with Heavenly in the background

As I approached Homewood I became aware that there was still quite a bit of auto traffic, and more cars than I was expecting were parked along the side of the road.  Then I noticed one particular car . . .

photo of elegant car

Elegant car

. . . and remembered that there was a Concours d’Elegance occurring all weekend near Homewood.  This Concours was for boats, of course, but some attendees apparently got there via very elegant land-based transportation!

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