Lake Tahoe area: Genoa Peak from the Tahoe Rim Trail

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This hike was actually a side trip from a hike along the Tahoe Rim Trail from Kingsbury Grade (Daggett Pass) to Spooner Summit.  The TRT segment hike was a group hike, and I proposed the side trip because I’d heard that the views were great from the top of Genoa Peak, and I always appreciate a great view.

Based on the trail information I had available, we departed from the TRT at the junction with a forest road labeled 14N33, which T’s into 14N32, on some maps called Genoa Peak Road.  It turns out that there is a much shorter path to the peak, though there is not actually a junction.  The TRT and 14N32 are very close together for a short section, and if you know where to look from the TRT you can actually see 14N32 and easily bushwhack over to it.  This is obvious – in retrospect, of course – from the GPS track.

GPS track

GPS track

The track detail shows that our side trip started near the bottom of the image near Lincoln Creek and proceeded roughly east to 14N32, where we turned left.  About two thirds of the way to the top of the track image it is clear that the TRT (on the left) and 14N32 (on the right) are quite close together – less than 200 feet of separation – for a short distance.  In any case, after turning on another side road the climb to Genoa Peak is rather straightforward. The side trip was basically all uphill to the peak, then back down.

Elevation profile

Elevation profile

photo approaching Genoa Peak

Approaching Genoa Peak

Toward the top, the trail more or less disappears and you need to simply find your way to the cell phone and other communication equipment at the summit.  The climb is well rewarded, with 360 degree views limited only by the equipment itself.  For example, there was a really nice view (between satellite dishes) of the Carson Valley toward Minden and Gardnerville, approximately 4400 feet lower in elevation.

photo of Carson Valley from Genoa Peak

Carson Valley from Genoa Peak

The views toward Lake Tahoe are spectacular, with a slightly higher perspective than from The Bench on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

photo of Emerald Bay across Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay across Lake Tahoe

The panoramic view of the West Shore is enhanced by being on the peak.

photo of panorama across Lake Tahoe

Panorama across Lake Tahoe

As we returned to the TRT to continue the hike, we noticed a small plane pulling a glider.

photo of glider prior to release

Glider prior to release

What an amazing ride the glider pilot and any passengers must have had that day!

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