Al Zampa Bridge

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The Al Zampa Memorial Bridge was completed in 2003 across the Carquinez Strait at Crockett.  I-80 crosses the strait on this bridge.  The Bay Area Ridge Trail segment is on the bicycle and pedestrian pathway on the bridge, and it covers about 1.8 miles from the approach on the north side to a vista point and parking area on the south side.  Therefore it’s a relatively short segment of the trail.

GPS track

GPS track

I consider it to be an urban trail, since is it completely paved and runs right next to vehicle traffic; indeed, the high-speed traffic is just across a concrete barrier and a chain-link fence.

picture of traffic just across the barrier

Traffic is just across the barrier

In spite of the contrast from the more typical rural trails in the Bay Area Ridge Trail system, I thought this segment was delightful.  As it happens, I chose a short segment purposely, since I was just a week from walking a marathon and I was supposed to be taking it easy in order to be rested for the race.  In addition, it was novel to walk across the strait and observe the shipping traffic and other shoreline activities.

picture of Al Zampa Bridge overview

Al Zampa Bridge overview

In this overview picture a freighter is passing under the bridge.   Just 15 minutes later, by the time I’d reached the middle of the bridge, another freighter came through.

picture of freighter emerging from beneath the bridge

Freighter emerging from beneath the bridge

I particularly appreciated the opportunity to slow down, and actually stop, to enjoy the view directly across San Pablo Bay to Marin County.

picture of Marin County across San Pablo Bay

Marin County across San Pablo Bay

I’ve driven across this bridge many times, but never experienced it from the same perspective that walking provides.  This was an excellent short walk, and the entire side trip to and from I-80 including parking as well as the walk, was only about an hour and a half.  Note that the parking area in Carquinez Park is about 0.4 miles from the trailhead at the pedestrian walkway.

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