Hiddenbrooke Trail

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The Hiddenbrooke Trail is a relatively short trail in the American Canyon area just off I-80 between Cordelia and Vallejo, straddling the Napa-Solano county line.  Since it is along the I-80 corridor it is a convenient short hike on the way to or from the Sierras from the Bay Area.

GPS track

GPS track

I sometimes like to characterize trails, and I characterized this one as being like an English country walk.  On the day of my hike the hills were brilliantly green, the ground was damp in places, and the terrain was mostly rolling hills covered with native grasses, with occasional trees.  I think the fact that the trail itself was mostly grassy, rather than bare, contributed to the English countryside atmosphere.

image of trail ascending hill with windswept trees at the top

Trail ascending hill with windswept trees at the top

After proceeding to the end of the trail at the rear (southeastern) boundary of Hiddenbrooke Open Space, part way back I took a short detour to the top of the highest hill along the trail, at 1100 feet elevation.

Elevation profile

Elevation profile

This hill is relatively close to the now-closed St. Johns Mine.  From this and other hilltops there were wonderful views across Vallejo, Mare Island, and the San Pablo Bay.

image of view across San Pablo Bay

View across San Pablo Bay

A surprise find was an old Southern Pacific railroad car on top of this hill, with no apparent way of having gotten there.

image of railroad car on a hilltop

Railroad car on a hilltop

To the southeast a wind farm, possibly the Shiloh wind farm, is visible across the Suisun and Montezuma Soughs near Grizzly Bay in southern Solano County.

image of wind farm in southern Solano County

Wind farm in southern Solano County

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